BestDooz Mobile App Review

BestDooz mobile app review updated

BestDooz Mobile App Review

by Candice S.

Hey Beauty Stars! Today’s review is for all of you beauty mavens and travelling cuties always on the lookout for the best and hottest hair salons, stylists and makeup artists around. There just may be a solution to your problem of locating the best beauty services in your city or vacay spot. Let me introduce you to the BestDooz Mobile App and we’ll see if it can take that issue and crush it! Read more…
*I have received compensation to review the BestDooz mobile app and share my thoughts on its’ performance. All opinions, photos and sass are 100% mine.


We’re excited for the paid review of and professional perspective on our mobile app by Candice S. Founder, Editor-in-Chief of Women’s Lifestyle Blog, Naturally Stellar | Beauty Contributor for Hype Hair Magazine | Freelance Copywriter| Candice is a passionate writer with a love for beauty, fashion, music, natural hair and great food. “A cutie who’s a foodie”. When she’s not busy being Wonder Woman to her hubby and son, out shopping or catching up on her British dramas on Netflix, you can find her sharing something interesting on her blog, Naturally Stellar. Which more than likely she probably wrote at Noon, while eating a bowl of Captain Crunch.

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